Reward Program

How can you join?
Everyone is eligible, and membership is free! If you are an existing customer you will earn E-Points automatically once you login to your customer account and make a purchase. If you are a new customer, take a moment to create an account and start earning E-Points on every purchase. 

How do you earn E-Points?
1. Login to your customer account.
2. For every $1 you spend (shipping excluded) you will automatically earn 1 E-Points.
2. Your E-Points balance will be confirmed when checking out.
3. Your E-Points balance will also be printed on your invoice receipt.
4. Your E-Points will be deposited into your account.

What are your E-Points worth?

100 points$10
200 points$20
300 points
400 points
1,000 points
We don't have limitation in earning points, so spend more and get more E-points.

How do you spend your E-Points?
1. Once you have accumulated E-Points it’s time to redeem them for items!
2. If you wish to use your E-Points in your future orders, please click “View Cart” before you checking it out.  You will enter the number of E-Points you wish to use at the space provided while you are Checking Out and you will receive the Discount amount for the E-Points redeemed, which will be subtracted from your order total.
3. Once you use your E-Points towards an order, you will not receive any new E-Points on that order. Any E-Points that is earned on an order can only be used on your future orders, they cannot be applied to your current order.

Checking your E-Points balance:
1. Logging into your customer account
2. Checking the invoice from your last purchase

Terms of Use

1. E-Points cannot be applied towards shipping.
2. E-Points cannot be transferred to another party.
3. E-Points cannot be used with other discounts or offers.
4. E-Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash.
5. E-Points cannot be assigned, exchanged, purchased or given by gift. 
6. E-Points cannot be sold, traded, bartered, rented or otherwise disposed of. 
7. E-Points are void if sold for cash or any other consideration.
8. E-Points will be deposited into your customer account the same day your order ships.
9. E-Points are only accumulated on shipped orders.
10. If you return, exchange or cancel any part of your order you will not receive E-Points for the item(s) cancelled, returned or exchanged.
11. Any E-Points that is earned on an order can only be used on your future orders; they cannot be applied to your current order. 
12. We reserves the right to change this E-Point program at any time without prior notice.