Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Pharmaceutical Name: Testosterone Isocaproate

Chemical name: Testosterone Isocaproate

Strength: 100mg/ml

Size: 10ml bottle


100mg/ml, 10ml multidose vial with dark blue fliptop cap

Product info

Testosterone Isocarpoate is an ester associated with an anabolic steroid. It is an ester that can be linked to steroids as well as the famous cypionate or enanthate esters. Like cypionate and enanthate, isocaproate can also be added to the hormone testosterone, however, because of isocaproate, this will usually be the main place where we see him joining. Testosterone isocaproate, a form of monoester that has never been heard of; with the likelihood that you will discover this, it was more than likely a statement of fame, and there is no need to ever have isocaproate testosterone as a single ether. Where we get the isocaproate ester most commonly and where it serves a higher purpose is a mixture of testosterone; clearly omnadren and Sustanon 250, Omnadren and Sustanon-250 are testosterone compounds with four esters; four esters of different sizes that make up one testosterone compound.

Testosterone Isocarpoate has a lot of benefits regarding performance enhancement and granting strength, that’s why it is used by hardcore athletes and professional bodybuilders. This anabolic androgenic steroid has the ability to increase protein synthesis in cells, and it can enhance nitrogen retention into muscles thereby boosting recovery rate especially after heavy training. Nevertheless, it can increase red blood cell count cause a higher oxygenation. Such high oxygenation will amplify your endurance and will increase your stamina helping you to push through hard training.

Testosterone will help you to gain more muscle mass and will also help you obtain more strength. A high level of testosterone circulating your system will help you to lose more fat by activating the androgenic receptors, thus increasing your metabolic rate. It also has the ability to inhibit glucocorticoid hormones that can force the body to be in a catabolic state and accumulate fatty tissue. Another benefit of this drug is that it has the ability to increase IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), this hormone can mimic the actions of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that can speed up your recovery.


This anabolic steroid can be used in bulking cycles and in cutting cycles too. It will grant you lean muscular mass and strength and will protect you from losing muscles especially while following a strict diet. The dosage of this drug is 100mg per week. Such dose were found to be beneficial for most users. A higher dose 200mg per week can be attempted, but its preferred to split such dose for two injections per week to get the optimal effects. Regardless of what dose you are taking, usage of such drug should not last more than 8 weeks.

Side effect

Most of users will mention that this anabolic steroid is a well-tolerated drug for a healthy adult with controllable side effects. However, it carries with it side effects that you should be aware of.

Here are some of the side effects that it might cause and how to manage them or avoid them if possible:

Estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention are possible since this drug has the ability to aromatize. Using an Aromatase inhibitor like Aromasin could and will helps with such issue.

Boldness, body hair growth and acne are all androgenic side effects that could be cause by this drug since it’s a highly androgenic drug.

Low levels of natural testosterone could be found after the discontinuation of finishing the use of testosterone blend. A PCT is highly recommended including Clomid and HCG will speed up the recovery and the production of testosterone.

Testosterone Isocaproate Benefits

The benefits of testosterone isocaproate can be based on mixtures such as Omnadren and Sustanon 250, and can be divided into two general classes; forces acquired by the aforementioned attributes, and what this type of compound gives in contrast to the single form of the ester. As discussed at an early stage, the strength of the testosterone mixture is to provide the best of the two universes in a small and huge etheric sense, and this gives both fast-acting testosterone with long-term effects. It may seem a little too simple, but the truth is that it is nothing more than that. At this stage, we have certain advantages depending on the above attributes, and since the Omnadren and Sustanon 250 are fully utilized for implementation, we are just going to focus on the benefits in this light.

For an off-season athlete, an individual hoping to get a huge amount of muscle mass and quality, isocaproate forms are the ideal solution, as they will generally contribute to the development of both sides. In addition, thanks to a stretched metabolic environment, you are ready to acquire a suitable mass with less buildup of muscle to fat ratio, and this is invaluable. Similar mixtures can be used for cutting; Given all of the above, improved digestion involves an increase in consumed fatty ability, and since testosterone is a huge tool for preserving lean tissue, this is simply a brilliant solution for any cutting pattern.


Testosterone Isocaproate 100 is medical product and requires following recommendations of using and storing. It should be stored in the cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. It’s also necessary to prevent applying this drug by children.

Before ordering and starting to use Testosterone Isocaproate 100mg you MUST consult with your attending physician. We also ask you to take into account that this drug may cause some side effects, some of them can be life-threatening. If you notice any disturbing symptoms you should to contact with your physician. In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. Also you must inform your doctor if you taking this drugs with other medicines. So physician can prescribe proper treatment and help to avoid any unpleasant adverse effects.

Storage: Keep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze 

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