• GA MIBO-500 [Miboleron] (Cheque Drops) - 10ml

Manufacturer: Global Anabolic

Pharmaceutical Name: Miboleron, Cheque Drops, Matenon, U-10997; CDB-904; Dimethylnandrolone; Dimethylnortestosterone;[1] DMNT; 7α,17α-Dimethyl-19-nortestosterone; 7α,17α-Dimethylestr-4-en-17β-ol-3-one

Chemical name: Miboleron, Cheque Drops, Matenon

Strength: 500 mcg/ml

Size: 10ml

Recommended dosage : 200-500mcg/day

Product info

Miboleron (Cheque Drops) 500 – one of the strongest known androgenic steroids. Originally it was created as a veterinary drug (Сheque drops for dogs, it was supposed to work as birth control by interrupting ovulation cycles). In the end, athletes began to use the steroid to increase aggression before the competition. There is a well-known rumor that Mike Tyson was precisely under myboleron when he bit off Holyfield’s ear during the fight.

Dan Dueshain found the use of mibolerone in bodybuilding as a powerful androgen to increase motivation, aggression and relieve fatigue. Including for the reception on the eve of the competition, to raise the physical and motivational forms.

A long course of miboleron is dangerous for the body. Cyclic administration is rarely justified due to the power of the drug. More safe and effective is point use. Cheque Drops has a very high anabolic and androgenic activity: the athlete, taking miboleron 30-40 minutes before the performance, gets a huge surge of aggression and an adrenaline rush. You can find Mibolerone for sale in our online store.

The half-life of miboleron is very short (only about 4 hours), but at the same time it is absorbed very quickly and its level also rises rapidly. The drug was quickly noticed and included in various lists of prohibited substances by almost all sports organizations. Several metabolites of this substance can be detected if the analysis is carried out immediately.

Usually this drug is used only before fights by athletes and by powerlifters before competitions to increase their aggression and power. It is taken for two weeks before a fight or power lifting contest plus on the day of the event to give them the edge and aggression they seek. Cheque is also used by some bodybuilders to help them in the final weeks before the contest, giving them this extra push while on an extreme low caloric diet when their energy is low. There are also injectable Cheque drops, but this form of the drug is not so popular, as an oral one.

Steroid Profile of Cheque Drops 500:

*Steroid of androgenic and anabolic action;

*Androgenic activity is the highest among steroids;

*Anabolic activity is high;

*Method of administration – orally / injection, depending on the form of release;

*Half-life – 2-4 hours;

*The period of activity of the substance is about 4 hours;

*Detection time – at least 4 hours;

*Estrogenic activity – has antiestrogenic properties;

*Progestogenic activity – yes (high);

*Decreased testosterone production – yes;

*Toxicity to the liver – yes (high).

Cheque Drops Effects

We have already noted that the drug is able to significantly increase strength characteristics, but it can also be useful during the drying period. On the other hand, there are safer and more effective steroids that can solve a similar problem. Just as the drug is not inclined to interact with aromatase, you will not need aromatase inhibitors on the course.

The fact that check-drop has progestogenic properties when talking about the doses mentioned above can be ignored. But the work of the pituitary arch will definitely be stopped, and without appropriate rehabilitation therapy, you can lose the normal level of male hormone for a long time period.

Usage of Cheque Drops

The effective dosage of miboleron 500 for athletes is 200-400 mcg per day. The drug, in view of the strength of its action and the high risk of side effects, is recommended exclusively for experienced athletes in the use of pharmacology. The course of admission, as a rule, does not exceed two weeks, with minimal dosages. With abuse, serious impairment of body functions cannot be ruled out, including the reproductive, excretory and cardiovascular systems. You can find Cheque Drops for sale in our online store.

For women, the drug is not recommended. Miboleron, even at the lowest dosage, can lead to the formation of virilization effects in an athlete.

Combination courses are not common, since miboleron is often used pointwise not in preparation for competitions, but just before performances in order to develop motivational and physical fitness to the limit. You can connect such drugs that would balance the athlete’s mental state and his real physical abilities, so as not to cause injuries and mental breakdown.

Side effects of Miboleron

Miboleron is as strong as potentially dangerous for prolonged use. 19-nor-androgen may well cause progesterone-related gynecomastia if it is not used within the recommended dosages and time periods. For the prevention of gynecomastia of this type, dostinex is used. The drug can seriously affect liver function (high hepatotoxicity is characteristic).

As mentioned before, this drug has a very high rating concerning its side effects, it is one of the dangerous steroid ever made.

Here are some of the side effects and how to manage or avoid them from accruing:

*Estrogenic side effects are possible due to its heavy aromatization. Gynecomastia (man breast) and water retention that might lead to an increase in blood pressure may rarely occur, that is due to the short period usage. However staking this drug with Arimidex can prevent such side effect from happing.

*As for the androgenic side effects such as body hair growth, acne and other or Virilization for women they could be reduced by staking Finasteride.

*Mood swings, if the individual by nature is aggressive, we don’t recommend this drug for him.

*Increasing in cholesterol level

*Hepatotoxicity, this drug is not recommended in case the individual has liver problems.

*Allergic reaction, rash, swelling of face or lips.

Storage: Keep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze

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GA MIBO-500 [Miboleron] (Cheque Drops) - 10ml

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